For inquiries please call or text 
Andy @ 413-768-8487

Its our mission to provide customers with top quality work and excellent customer service. With over 17 years in restoration and fabrication. Rebuilding  vintage shocks are our specialty. We stand behind the work we do and ensure All shocks
are cleaned Disassembled and parts are inspected, repaired, or replaced as needed. We ensure all shocks are reassembled and tested.

Not sure what you need, or what it costs?

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Rotary Action Shocks

All work is backed by a 1 year warranty

Each seal is custom fit to your specific shock

Lever Action Shocks

We’re always happy to talk about how we can best serve you

Restored to concourse correct condition

Good Cores available

Call for current selection


Shocks are shipped ready to use

Rebuilding vintage shocks for most makes and models please inquire about your vehicle to see if we can accommodate your project. 


most of the 1934-36 front shocks were made with clinched on covers (no threads) and previously not rebuildable. However, these are now rebuildable. Old shocks must be rebuildable. No shafts that wobble sideways or frozen off centers, broken castings. We rebuild the shock absorbers you send us, unless you prefer an immediate exchange when possible. All shocks sent to use are subject to our approval. We will return non-rebuildable parts, units unless you request otherwise to save on shipping costs.

Andys Shoxs
Charlemont, MA

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