For inquiries please call or text 
Andy @ 413-768-8487

Services we provide 

  • High Pressure Cleaning
  • Disassembly
  • All seal bearings Machined
  • Seal Replacement/ Repair
  • Valve Inspection & Replacement
  • Internal Valving
  • Reassembly
  • Leak Tested
  • Load Tested
  • Black Gloss Finish
  • Custom Fit Seals



Houdaille Rotary Shocks

We restore Studebaker Models – 1933 to 1949

Houdaille shocks are designed to mount in a specific location, but are often mounted incorrectly. In order to guarantee the proper marriage between your shocks and your car, we require car-specific information from the customers. All backed by one year warranty.

Available Services:

Front & Rear shocks

Pricing starting at $150+

pricing is dependent upon year, model and condition


We Restore Ford Models – 1928 to 1948

Shocks are completely dissembled, rebuilt, and inspected to ensure its location in the vehicle. Custom fabrication, replacement and the final product is then assembled and tested to maximize performance and insure they perform like new. All shocks are oiled, tested for leaks and than shipped ready for use. All backed by one year warranty.

Available services:

1928-1932 Rebuilt Front & Rear Shocks

1933 Front Shocks

1933-1936 Rears

1937-1940 Front & Rears

1941-1948 Front & Rears

Pricing starting at 150+

Other ford models are available


We Restore Buick Models Pre 50’s

Upon receiving your Delco lever action shocks each unit will be inspected before any work begins to insure that your shocks are able to rebuild.

The outside of the shock will be de-greased and cleaned. New shaft seals and cap seal installed. Cylinders and pistons are inspected and aligned, honed and polished as needed. Valving is properly calibrated and painted with high quality black finish.

Shocks We Service

  • Rotary
  • Spicer
  • Delco Remy
  • Houdaille
  • Flat Head Fords
  • Arms
  • Links
  • Bolts

Good Cores available, call for current selection

If any Car or Truck models listed above is not your vehicle please submit a form with the make, model and year of your vehicle to see if we can accommodate your project. Please allow 2-4 weeks for work to be completed. Shipping is USPS Ground.

Prices will vary for each make and model please call or send in a request form for pricing and specific model information

Warranty and Refund Information

All work is backed by a 1 year warranty

Not all parts will be rebuild-able. All shocks are inspected to determine if the part is rebuild-able.


We accept PayPal, Check and International requests.


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